A Gatsby astronaut

A Gatsby astronaut

The Team behind Swissloop Tunneling

Swissloop Tunneling is the official team of ETH Zürich to compete in Elon Musk’s Not-A-Boring-Competition revolutionizing the tunneling industry in order to build cheaper Hyper(loop) tubes in the future.
The team was newly founded in late 2020 and brings together over 40 students with expertise in mechanical/civil- and electrical engineering as well as various business-related fields. Our team draws on the experience of the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition and consists of former members of the Swissloop Team of 2018/19, which won second place and received the Innovation Award.


Stefan Kaspar
Stefan KasparBoard Member
Miguel A. Quero Corrales
Miguel A. Quero CorralesBoard Member
Darius Stulz
Darius StulzBoard Member
Bernhard Schranz
Bernhard SchranzBoard Member


Layla Just
Layla JustHead Communication
Theresa Lanschützer
Theresa LanschützerCommunication
Fabian Brunner
Fabian BrunnerHead Design
Joël Amstutz
Joël AmstutzDesign
Marc Bär
Marc BärLegal
Nadja Oswald
Nadja OswaldHead Project Management
Luca Erdmann
Luca ErdmannProject Management

Mechanical Engineers

Eugenio Valli
Eugenio ValliHead Mechanical
Jago Irányi
Jago IrányiSoil Removal
Luca Entremont
Luca EntremontLead Production
Elena Krasnova
Elena KrasnovaLead Hydraulics
Eric Wälti
Eric WältiLead Structural
Karl Werner
Karl WernerStructural
Felix von Samson
Felix von SamsonTunnel Lining
Ole Müller
Ole MüllerTunnel Lining
Albin Punnilathil
Albin PunnilathilDriving Surface

Electrical Engineers

Josh Shao
Josh ShaoHead Electrical
Moritz Kuntze
Moritz KuntzeLead LV Electronics & Software
Matej Durajka
Matej DurajkaLead Power Systems
Saad Himmi
Saad HimmiLead Navigation
Tarek Alakmeh
Tarek AlakmehLead Telemetry & Website
Judy Hajar
Judy HajarNavigation
Aashna Majmudar
Aashna MajmudarNavigation
Tianhong Gan
Tianhong GanControl Systems
Nigalsan Ravichandran
Nigalsan RavichandranNavigation

Civil Engineers

Miguel Figueiredo Nunes
Miguel Figueiredo NunesTechnical Project Manager
Davide Ferrari
Davide FerrariHead Civil
Lukas Heller
Lukas HellerLead Soil Removal
Sebastian Harder
Sebastian HarderLead Tunnel Lining
Yannick Kummer
Yannick KummerTunnel Lining
Ariane Hoek
Ariane HoekLead Starting Platform